Monday, August 31, 2009


Monday cleaning day an put the house back together day DH has been here(HA HA) I love him so much and you all know what I am saying. I am trying to get all the wash done to day and get the house back to come visit look, YA!! I was with DH all day Saturday and Sunday so not much got done but we had so much fun we just did little things around the House we did no go or do anything big.
We checked on Roger is starting to get in the swing of things he will just go with the girls and is starting to come when I call them. While we was looking or them we saw where we had a bear had been and he has made a path in my corn patch a big path. So I will no go out with out a gun from now on.
DH brother come up last night and told us he and his wife are going to have a baby YA YA YA a new little one is on its way. I hope the best for them. DH and me have tyred for two years and no baby but that is ok we all ways said if it s God's will then we would have one. so we will just love this one a little more.
DH has applied for a god job would you all pray that if it is God's will he will get the job if not then we will be fine. Hope everyone has a good and safe MONDAY.

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