Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas


Hope everyone

has a

Merry Christmas



Happy New Year!!



be with you

all in the

New Year!!

Hope to get to be back soon..

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Trying to keep busy!!!

I have been trying to keep


I have benign canning and putting

thing up for the winter...

we had good corn this year

My Dad did we can not grow corn here

the deer get fat on my garden

so my Dad grows some for me..

I cut it off the cob

then I cook it at a boil

for 10 min.

Let it cool then I put it

in bags and frieze it.

I have been trying to

post this for weeks my good old


is being it's old self and not letting me post.

I have been reading all of my blogs and

have found some news ones..

We have had a good year Dh has worked

all year and we are thankful for that..

I have had my ups and

downs ( lots of downs).

Thank all of you

that have had me in you're


for all of you are in


Stay safe and have a good weekend.

GOD bless..

Sunday, July 10, 2011

New Toys!!!

DH new toys

He is having a good time!!!

He got a new mower to and now we can make hay!

So all of my babies can have something to

eat this winter...

We are doing good, Hope everyone

is having a good summer.

I am trying to stay on the up side

still having some bad days but

more good ones..

Love reading all of the blogs, have found some new ones

to check on ...

have tryed to comment on some but

my loving computer is still playing in

its on world,

hope to get a new one soon....

we will see.

Have a good weekend

stay safe


Thursday, June 23, 2011

HOT HOT and HOT!!!!

It has been


here. Well I think it has been hot.

It has been in the upper



I have been trying to get outside early

to work in my little garden.

My garden is not to big this year,

I'm still trying to

get someone to help me with my feet.

I have good days and

ones, but that is life...

On a fun note(NOT)

my bull


got out not once but

three time in one day.

DH had been on a

all night fishing trip.

I got him up twice be for DH got home

we fenced and he went to bed....

I had a little man come and ask "little girl did you get your bull up"

I said yes then he said "he going to Bandy"

that's about 4 mile from my house..

so I got DH up and away we went

he was looking for some new girls..

So me and the bull walked home (He does not like DH)

and I had a cop with me the way home with the lights


So fun!!!!!

Hope that every one is having

a good summer..

Stay safe!!!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

New Babies!!!!

I have some new

babies or

Jaimie has some new babies.

We set 40 and

only had 10 to make it.

I hope to set some more soon.

Sorry so short but it has tacking me a

a long time to do this much.


everyone is doing ok!!

We have had rain, rain,

rain, and rain.

Today it is nice got some things

done outside.

Stay safe.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thank all of you!!!!


thank all of you!!

My daughter let me keep

her computer over night !!!!!

and I have been trying to look all the

blogs .

I hope to get a new computer soon.

I have so much to put on my blog.

All the babies are getting big, and we have been doing

so much around the house. I have lots of pitchers.

Please keep me in all of you're prayers for

all of you are in mine.

Sorry for the shot blog.

I will be back.

Stay safe and have

a good day.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I'm Back again

am glad to be back!!!
We will see for how long?
The computer is doing some better I still
need to some work on it but it
is letting me get on and
do some things.
We have had a long wet and cold winter!!!
I hope the nice weather is coming back.
It is going to be in the 60's and 70' here
the next few days and I for one
is looking to get outside and get some work done.
We have two new babies calf's and I hope one more in on the way.
Hope to be back blogging more than I have.
I have been trying to keep up with everyone and
love reading what you all are up to.
Hope every one is having a good year.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Need Help???

I need
this computer is making me nuts
it is working fine if all I do
is stay off line
when I get on line it goes nuts!!
I paid $190 to have if fixed
he put a motherboard in it
and I can do some things but
it takes me time to get on line
some things are ok I can go on and
pay the bills but when I try get on facebook and
play games it will not let me
I have updated flash player
and the other things
and it still takes time...
when I go to read your blogs it will let me some times
and other it takes 10 min or more to pull up!!
Before it got worked on
it was fast and I loved to play farmville!!
Ok that being that
I have new babies
my new bull was busy
last summer I will try to
put up the pitchers..
Little John is not little
he is almost as big as his mom.
We have had lots of snow here in Virginia
I love getting out and feeding all of my babies.
Still need you all to pray for me
my feet is no better and all the
DR can tell me is that he can not find anything !
Got to go for now
have a
safe weekend.
See you all soon..
(I hope)