Thursday, June 23, 2011

HOT HOT and HOT!!!!

It has been


here. Well I think it has been hot.

It has been in the upper



I have been trying to get outside early

to work in my little garden.

My garden is not to big this year,

I'm still trying to

get someone to help me with my feet.

I have good days and

ones, but that is life...

On a fun note(NOT)

my bull


got out not once but

three time in one day.

DH had been on a

all night fishing trip.

I got him up twice be for DH got home

we fenced and he went to bed....

I had a little man come and ask "little girl did you get your bull up"

I said yes then he said "he going to Bandy"

that's about 4 mile from my house..

so I got DH up and away we went

he was looking for some new girls..

So me and the bull walked home (He does not like DH)

and I had a cop with me the way home with the lights


So fun!!!!!

Hope that every one is having

a good summer..

Stay safe!!!!