Saturday, August 8, 2009

Back to work

K I think that I am going to gt back to work,(HA,HA) I have got to get back in to my things around the house. I have not canned as much as I wanted the tomatoes have all died sooo sad I was looking to canning them. I do have loots of peppers and I am going to start to can them soon my DH likes peppers weenies and onions. I still am getting squash and some corn ( what the deers did not eat) Dad has been getting some beans and the first corn.
We still need to put up some more hay if and when the rain stops (Grandma Goldie said after Dog days are gone august the 11 and yes her name is Goldie) it will stop raining. I also need to fix a of the little thighs around the house to get ready for fall.
DH is fishing tonight so I am home alone :) some me time. I want to start to learn (with God help loots of help) to sew I can not find any skirts that I like so I am going to try to make me some, before I left Walmart I did buy some things to start so now is as good time as Any. Got to go my girls are wanting to go to bed.


  1. Hey Beck!!

    I just found your blog and can't wait for the time to read all your posts.

    I too had a Grandma Goldie and that's what I called her! I miss her sooo bad, we were soulmates. My Father said we were twins! LOL!!

    Have a blessed day!!


  2. Me again ;-)

    We are neighbors!!! I am over in Floyd Co Va in Willis!!!!! Not far they way the crow flies or should I say the Cardinal?