Monday, July 30, 2012

Long Hot Summer!!!

It has been a long
It has been Hot here
not as hot as other places only in the
high 90s.

As you can see
has got big.
We tool him to the
River to play one day when it
was in the 90s
As you can see
He loved it..
Me not so much I can
swim so I watch him play with DH
 He had to come and sit with me LOL
He a Mommas boy LOL.
I have been
reading every body's blog.
I am sorry I have not been on
much its not
been a good year( it has and it has not)
I will not get in to all my problems .
I love to see how every one is doing
Hope to put more on soon
Every one
have a good summer
what is left of it
Be Save!!
Keep me in you
as all of you are in