Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hot, Hot, Hot

It got HOT here yesterday it got 92, but the good news is we got some cut, we are still using the old tractor and things that belonged to the man that we are renting the farm off of I have some pitchers I will have to post from last year when I find them I have them saved on cd some where. And like you all know if you have hay down then it will rain it did not help that the carnival is in town so you know that is going to rain and it did with a lot of wind , the funny thing is I did not know that it was in town until on of my friends called and we were talking when the storm hit and she said she had better go and get her kids at the carnival. So that tells you that I go do not go out much. Ha Ha.
DH found time to get some fishing in he has not been in weeeeeks he told my Dad that he was going in to withdrawals, how funny. He works hard so if he wants to take a little time and fish I wish him luck he fished from 10pm until 5:30am and id know on his way home and will sleep a while and back to the hay I hope by that time it will have dried out and we can rake some of it.
So much to do and so little time.
Lets go and fix some to eat I am getting a little hungry I want gravy, bacon and biscuits. so I had better get going .
Before I go I had a post on my last page and my nutso computer did something with it and it did not post so if you do not see you'r comments on my page please repost I would loved to have see what you wrote.
have a save week
Hope to be back soon
Thanks to all

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Where does the time go????

Where does all the time go, I have no time to do things or it does not feel like it. I have been getting up at 2am when DH come home and sitting and talking to him until 4am. Then we go back to bed then I am back up at 5 to 6 am. Oh I go to bed about 9 to 10 pm. so when I get back up at 5am I get some house work done but i have to do it quiet and I do not do the well!!! So I sit, I go out side and do some things but the doges go nuts so I try not to do that much, so I sit I let DH sleep to about 10 to 11 if I go in to get him up and he's not ready to get up I will let him sleep to 12:30. Then he gets up and eats sits and talks some then he goes to work at 2pm then I get in to the work that I did not get done this morning, K now the problem I am a morning person so I sit here. I need to kick my self and get up off my big but and get things done.

I hope that everyone has a good week
be safe

Saturday, June 12, 2010

I think I am back we will see

I think that I am back we will see. It has been a while and I wish that I could say that I have been busy getting things done around the farm but that not true. I have been in a funk ,fuzzy, or just not here. I have been doing some things but others have just been sitting waiting on me to get to them, I am soooooooooo far behind, I had high hopes at the beginning of the year and here it is June and I have not got nothing done. So that is that and I hope and pray that I will get back on the right track. :) The older I get the harder is for me to stay on track.
K now for more on the baby he is getting so big and has learned that the can kick and bite if anyone has any ways to get him to be a good boy let me know I will put up more pitcher soon I have some but I need to load them in the computer. I hope that everyone has had a good spring and is having a good summer.Talk to you all soon. Remember me in you're prayers
Be safe