Friday, August 21, 2009

YA Friday

I made it I made it, Thank God I made it, it is Friday right please be Friday. K I went to class 3 days this week doing k I think.
Went to Moms and did some sweet corn, I did 4 dozen and Mom did a looot more, still have Kraut to do today Mom said to day is a good day to make it so I have to cut up all the cabbage I have 4 good heads.
I will get a new baby on Saturday I will take pitchers and let you see him.
Sorry so short got a lot to do will try to talk to all of you soon. Have a good weekend.

if you get a comment that is a little funny my keyboard is not working so good ( it is wore out) so I am not trying to be funny bu it just will not work right :o

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