Sunday, February 12, 2012


Winter is here!!!
It has snowed around 4 to 6in
but the wind has done a good job of
tacking the snow off the mountain.
It has got cold it was 11 when I got up
with DH when he got home at 2:30..
then when I go back up at 5
( I took a nap from 3:30 to 5)
it had got down to 8.
With the wind it felt like it was about -10
The cows are ok but one of them is trying to have her baby
and we can not get her to go in
the barn so
she is in the pines down in one of the hollers.
So I went back over to see how she was
doing and she just look at
me like ( what??)
so I came back home..
Hope it gets a little warmer here,
got some things me and DH are
trying to get done here.
Trying to do some more
beds around the house.
Hope to have pitchers soon
Would all of you please keep
Katy at (The Country Blossom)
in you're prayers her son
Jazson was playing and a
pencil went in his eye.
They are doing surgery on him
with GOD's help he will be ok..
Thanks and
Be safe..