Friday, August 3, 2012

Some flea market finds!!

These are some of my
flea markets finds
I hope to redo this nice little
table(DH will sand it) its all
Got it for $5.

got this little crock for $8 and it
 has nothing wrong
with it, it holds
 a gl.

an found
this little
beauty for $5,
and as you can see
I've put it to use ..
I hope everyone
is having a good week
Be Safe....

Monday, July 30, 2012

Long Hot Summer!!!

It has been a long
It has been Hot here
not as hot as other places only in the
high 90s.

As you can see
has got big.
We tool him to the
River to play one day when it
was in the 90s
As you can see
He loved it..
Me not so much I can
swim so I watch him play with DH
 He had to come and sit with me LOL
He a Mommas boy LOL.
I have been
reading every body's blog.
I am sorry I have not been on
much its not
been a good year( it has and it has not)
I will not get in to all my problems .
I love to see how every one is doing
Hope to put more on soon
Every one
have a good summer
what is left of it
Be Save!!
Keep me in you
as all of you are in

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Friday, May 4, 2012

Trying to get back to normal LOL!!!

Trying to get back to normal!!!
K what is normal ,
we all have our own normal,
mine is not so normal but that is ok
I have had a hard time the
last year
I'm not going in to details
now but I need
all your prayers.
We have been trying to get the garden
plowed and ready to plant
it has rained
every day or to
for the last
few weeks.
I have got some things going
but not what DH
wants LOL
you all know how that goes.
hope to get more pitchers on
Love to read what
all of you are doing .
stay Safe..

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Where did spring go??

it been a while...
Where did spring go?
It has been in the
here in the mountains..
It has been nice but if
it is in the 80's now
what is it going to be in
July ???
We got rain , rain, and rain in
January and February
and now the
We have got a lot done and still have more
DH has been so nice about all I want
to get done..
I will have to get some pitchers up.
Hope that everyone
is doing good .
I love to stop by and see all the blogs.
Wish I could post as good as all of you.
Be Safe..

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Winter is here!!!
It has snowed around 4 to 6in
but the wind has done a good job of
tacking the snow off the mountain.
It has got cold it was 11 when I got up
with DH when he got home at 2:30..
then when I go back up at 5
( I took a nap from 3:30 to 5)
it had got down to 8.
With the wind it felt like it was about -10
The cows are ok but one of them is trying to have her baby
and we can not get her to go in
the barn so
she is in the pines down in one of the hollers.
So I went back over to see how she was
doing and she just look at
me like ( what??)
so I came back home..
Hope it gets a little warmer here,
got some things me and DH are
trying to get done here.
Trying to do some more
beds around the house.
Hope to have pitchers soon
Would all of you please keep
Katy at (The Country Blossom)
in you're prayers her son
Jazson was playing and a
pencil went in his eye.
They are doing surgery on him
with GOD's help he will be ok..
Thanks and
Be safe..

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Feeding in the Snow!!

We got 5" of snow last night
Zip is learning to help with the cows
he still wants to be with me for now
but he is getting better.
Hes getting so big!!
We have got snow on and off
for the last 2 days.
The wind has been bad here ..
Be safe..

Monday, January 9, 2012

New Baby!!

got me a new baby
his name is
from the movie
"The last of the Dogmen"
He was only 3lb when I got him
he now up to 11lb ( will get more pitchers later)
He helps me with the cows.
He wants to be every where I am.
He tryes to help put up the chickens
all he does is run them around and around
But that Ok he's my baby
and my baby does no
I hope every one is having a good
Be Safe!!!

New Baby!!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ok now what...

I hope that everyone is having a good new year.. We here on the old farm are doing ok.
All of my babies are growing
Hope you remember my therapist Miss Minixie.
She knows all and still loves me anyway..
I wish she could tell me what going on with me but all
she does is lets me talk, talk, talk and talk..
but some times that's what we all need.
Ok that all about me.
We have 7 cows,2 horses, 3 doges ( will have to get all my pitchers up of all my babies)5 cats ( DH does not like cats they like his boat not good LOL) and 11 chickens..
The coons was hard this year on my chickens.
DH is working good thank GOD for that!!
Lets go and put up the chickens up it
has been nice here it got up to 55 today,
so I let them out to play .
Hope you all have a
safe week..

Monday, January 2, 2012


my new computer is
working fine....
me on the other hand is having
It is now 2012 and I hope
it is a good year for
every one..
It is snowing here in Va
we have had a mild Nov. and Dec.
I hope to be posting
at least once a week, more I hope.
I have a lot to get every one up to date on.
DH the loving man that he is got me
a new computer
for Christmas..
and I have been trying to get it up and ruining..
when I did my Internet
was down for a week.
So now I am tacking down the tree
and trying to get the house back in order(like it had order before)LOL
I am trying to do better about getting organized.
when I worked I was ok at it but
it has been hard staying home all the time
and trying to keep up with trying to help DH on the farm
I can not do as much as I did once (more on this later when I have one of my poor me days)
so I try to do what I can...
got to go for now..
Hope where one has a good week.
Be Safe!!!!!