Friday, September 4, 2009


YES it is Friday and a long weekend at that. I have been having a long week at class. I do not know if I am gong to make this year or not. (oh well I hope to) It has been cool here and I love it I get up early and open all of my windows and let the cool air in so when the sun gets up and it gets up early here about 6:15 now that my little house is cool . I have not had the air on in two days. It has been so nice only in the 70s this week. Only thing I do not like is the BEES . They get a little bit mad in the cool weather and I have to watch out for them more now.
Me and DH are going to go fishing this weekend (YA) I thing it is a night trip and I do not do to good at night but he wants me to go and I am going to go with him. I have learned that time with a loved one it something that you need to have and that you can not get back. So when he wants to go out and do things I will drop everything and go, no matter what I am doing I will try to be here wen he need me. I will tell you all more later about all of this later just know I know from the past that I wish things could have been this way once.
K I hope everyone has a good and safe long weekend


  1. I think we should do things to with a loved one,even if it might not be exactly what we want to do..I always end up having a lot of fun anyway...I hope you have a good weekend too

  2. Your right, time with loved ones is important. I hope you have a nice long weekend too.