Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Where is the snow

Ok I know that I am a little nuts (Ok for if you know me a lot ) but I do not feel like getting in the mood for Thanksgiving or Christmas in this weather I know that most people do not like the snow and cold but I do. I love to get out in the snow and put up my Christmas stuff I do not put up a lot but I do like doing it all in snow.
I did not have my big dinner this year everyone is working. On the first day of rifle season all of the men go hunting I would get up a 2 and have them a big breakfast and then there wife's would come up and we would fix dinner my little house would be full and I loved it but this year we did not have it most of the men had to work, the mines had to close down for a few week back in the summer so most of them had to take there vacation then and they did not get off on the 14 and now DH is working and I do not know what shift he will be working we will not know until Friday.
I am still working on things around the house I love my little house DH grandpa built it one room at a time over 50 years a go. and I am still trying to get it fix up DH lived here for 20 years all alone and he did not do a lot so I am trying to do a little at a time.
Got to go fro know and go let out my chickens I hope they do not blow away it is going to be windy here up to 50mp at times and on top of this mountain that can be fun at times.
Talk to you all later.
Have a good and safe week.


  1. I do know what you mean about the snow and it putting you in the mood for the hubby is a strip miner and they did let them off for a few days for hunting sounds like a lot of fun to have all the women come up and you all cook a big dinner...the wind is about to blow us away to here on our mountain...thanks for always visiting my blog..I always look forward to your are a good blogging buddy..take care Beck and have a good weekend...

  2. Sorry your snowless! Maybe it will come in time, but even so, it must be hard to get in the Holiday spirit knowing that its going to be kind of empty and lonely this year! So sorry! Maybe you'll discover a new tradition you'd like to start just for you. Its sad that they have to work over the holiday, but at least they have work to do! So many don't, so there is one thing to be Thankful for on Thanksgiving. Take care

  3. PS: I LOVE your wallpaper! It's so beautiful and festive for fall!

  4. Beck, Sorry to contact you this way with another comment, but I didn't have an email or anything. I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your visiting my blog, and your comments. The blog you selected to follow is one I do for a classroom of 2nd graders and their teacher. I post to it weekly. I would love for you to come visit my other blog, for all readers, Between You Me and the Fencepost. I post about a little of everything in that one and you might enjoy it more. Thanks again for visiting. Sarah

  5. again, sorry for using yoru comments section. YOu can erase all these. What I wouldn't give for email access right now!
    I hope I didnt' hurt your feelings. Love love love the comments that everyone leaves me! And I like for everyone to be able to share in the comments too. So if your comments are over on the kids blog, no one gets to read them. That's all I meant by it! Wanted to make sure no feelings were hurt, cause I'm thrilled that you enjoyed your time at my blog! I need to make teh kids one private. I just forgot to do that.
    Sorry and thanks a million, and I still just LOVE this wallpaper!