Friday, November 27, 2009


I hope that everyone got to spend Thanksgiving with your family and friends ( did you eat to much) I did . Got up with DH to get him off hunting and it is SNOWING yes I love. I hope to get my tree up to day we put up my moms yesterday and my sis got hers up on this week I am doing all of mine in silver mom did hers in red and gold Sis did hers in sliver and purple we take turns using the colors and each year all we have to get is a few new ones. I am getting in the Christmas's mood I wish that my computer would let me up load my pitchers I hope to take it and get it fixed after the first of the year I will have a lot of things to show all of you.
I hope that if you went shopping to day that you had fun and got what you wanted and needed.
Lets go and play in the snow while it is snowing got to feed all the babies and play.
Have a good and safe shopping day.


  1. It's defiantly cold enough for snow today. We had a few flurries early this morning but nothing much. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving. Love your new background!!

  2. There's nothing like the holidays frosting in white! I'm sure you enjoyed it. Every year I walk by those shiny silver Christmas trees at teh store and I'm tempted. Maybe one day I'll give in and give it a try!
    Glad your holiday was filled with Joy! We're celebrating a day late and are in route to the in-laws ranch to stuff our faces. Can't wait!!!

  3. way to go getting your trees up! i haven't even started yet...the weather has been so nice i hate to be inside!