Monday, November 30, 2009

Oh Christmas tree

I hope that everyone got to spend Thanksgiving with there loved ones and had a safe trip home. I wish that my Carma and my computer was talking to each other I would like to show you all my tree I did it all in sliver and I have twinkle lights the I love so much I can make the twinkle 16 ways and yes I do change them some times. ( I would love to see everyone tree)
Me and DH are still trying to get the schedule worked out he stiles wants me to stop working but I do want to work some. He leaves at 2 pm and gets home at about 2am. .So I will be going to work at 8 am and will not get home until 6pm so I will not get to see him unless I come home on lunch to see him. So I hope they are ok with that ( ok they will have to be ok with that) got to go and feed all the babies they are letting me know that it is feed time and the Zoo an the mountain. Hope to see your tree soon

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