Monday, November 16, 2009

Nice weekend

I had a good weekend got a lot done around the house. DH went hunting and got a nice 4pt deer on Saturday we worked up the meat and called a friend for the rest he likes the ribs and neck meat so we call him. We worked on the fence on the farm we have a man that lives on the land next to the farm he let some one on his land cut the hay and they put two rolls of hay right next to the fence and cows being cows have found it and have eat over half the roll of hay and took out some of the fence so we have been trying to fix it so my little babies do not go on the other farm :) and eat the hay but they have found it and now they want it.
DH got up at 5 and went to his class for his new job it takes him a hour to drive there, he wanted them to call later rifle season started on Saturday and he wanted to hunt some this week but they call on Thursday and said he would start work this week.We do not know shift he will be working yet they will tell him this week.
I will be back to work the first week on December three days a week for now then the middle of January I go back full time DH want me to stay home, but this job is only part time and I can set my own hours all but four weeks when we are mad with people wanting to get there taxes back a soon as they can and with times as they are I know we will be a mad house the last two weeks of January and the first two weeks of February.
Got to go for now and try to work some more on my computer it will not let my up load pitchers so I nee to work on this
Thanks for everyone that come and read my blog I love to read all of youres

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  1. Good luck with Dh's new job. It might take some getting use to it, but it will be worth it.