Thursday, November 19, 2009

I am going nuts

HI how is everyone me I think I am going nuts I have all ways been a little on the loopie side of live I just do not want to grow up ( I am 42) I love to set and blow bubbles, play in fall leaves sit and watch my chickens , play in the dirt, color with crayons, and play with my food. DH thinks that I am a little on the fruity side and that is ok, we went to check on the cows and the wind was blowing good so I unzipped my coat and spread my wings and tyred to fly ( you know like the little kids do) and he said he was going to take me to a Dr and see if any thing was between my ears ( I drought it :) ) oh well I think I will stay this way life is good and why not. I do what has to be done and live free when I can so if no one get hurt why not.
Just having fun on the farm
Fly Fly Fly if you can if not set and watch those who can :)


  1. How fun! Nothing wrong with turning loose and just being you!
    So were you able to leave the ground in flight?
    Enjoy the fall weather!

  2. If you're nuts I'm a total fruitcake,LOL! I actually had to stop and calculate my age, just minutes ago so I could say, I'm 44 yrs old and feel no different than when I was in my 20's, well.... a few more acks and pains in the morning, but really no different. My motto is 25 yrs old with 40+ yrs of experience*wink* It's only a number, what is important is that you are happy being yourself. Most people think I'm a bit weird, because I'm so old fashioned, but you know what that's me and the way I feel is, either except it or not! Some days I think that I should maybe be more outgoing, trying to make more friends, but then when I try I feel like I'm putting on a show, only to gain a friend. Nope, I just can't do that, so I'm more of a hermit and my Dh is the outgoing personality and we're happy with that.

    Never be afraid to be yourself, heck my Dh thinks I'm a hoot!
    Blessings from,
    The Never Done Farm