Sunday, July 18, 2010

Little man

My little man is getting so big he looks like his Dad I hope that he will get a little lighter than his Dad
but I know that he will not look like Mom she was a black and white paint when she was his age so anything can take place. He is getting better about the biting and kicking but he still does not like DH but we are trying to get him over that
we have been trying to get thing going around here but I still do feel the best in the world I just have no get up and go I do not know if is just age or just all in my head or all the hot air around here and it is not all me it has been in the upper 90 here and muggy I just cant breath in all that but I am trying to do better.
DH is getting better about his new job we are getting better about is time so maybe things are going to get better with God all things are possible and I am having faith.
I have loved reading all the blogs and seeing what all of you are up to we have got some canning done, hope to try to get pitchers, we made jelly, jam, and pickles for now hope to have tomatoes soon if the deer does not get to them DH peppers is good he eats them with everything I like them but not that much. DH has the next 3 off so I hope to get some things done around here need to get his fishing room moved I would take pitchers but I would have to hide I would not want you to see what it looks like now all of his things are in my other living room with my computer and thing so it is one big mess so I will try to get that done.
I hope that everyone is staying cool in this weather till next time
be safe and have a good one

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