Saturday, July 24, 2010

I'm in trouble!!!

If you are just finding my blog you will not know my therapist Miss Minixie she had a big problem

she works cheep and I love talking to her about all my problems she will just sit and let me talk about everything and everyone and does not judge me. So I just do not know what to do look at the next pitcher

I do not know what she thought the mushroom was I was tacking some pitchers of them and she walk in to the pitcher and this is what happened. I laughed till I thought I would pee my paints. So I hope you like my pitcher and I will talk to you later.
Hope that everyone is having a good weekend and stay out of the heat it is getting in the upper 90 this weekend so stay safe.


  1. I loved the picture!!! I love cats..hope you have been doing well Beck..I have missed everyone..I hope I am back to the blog world...just been really busy lately...have a good day all day long!!!!