Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dryer Balls

I would like to know if anyone has every used dryer balls and if you did, do you like them and did they cut down the time to dry things will you please let me know thanks.
Thank you all for coming over for a visit .
Beck, see you all soon have a good one and be safe


  1. are you talking about those blue rubber balls with rubber prongs on them? I used them briefly as a replacement for fabric softener sheets. They did fine for a while, as far as my clothes wern't stiff or staticky, but after a number of uses they didn't work as well, and I can't say they cut back on the time it took to dry the clothes. It was about the same.

  2. I have never used those but someone told me of a better thing to do. Take Wool Yarn and wrap into a bawl the size of a dryer ball and tied in a good knot and use. She swears that it works just like dryer sheets.If you can`t finf the yarn take an old Wool sweater use the yarn out of it.your recycling your yarn that way and it won`t cost you anything extra.

  3. pleasure to find such a good artical! please keep update!! ........................................

  4. Never used I can't help...hope this finds you doing well..hope to see more of your blog now that I am back from my mental snow globe..I just have been out of sorts lately...take care Beck