Tuesday, March 9, 2010


DH had to go to the Dr and he did not like the test they did. He has carperatunnel ( I thing I spelled it right) he is in a lot of pain and he has been like this for two years and it is getting bad very bad. I hope that they will work with him at work he will be out of work for about 4 to 5 days so he will only need to take off 2 to 3 he works 6 and gets off 3. I hope he does good I want him to have it done while he is off for vacation in May he will be off 12 days we will be in Occoneechee state park for 4 days then he could have it done and bee off but NO that is fishing time so I think not. Let you know more later.
It has been so nice here the last 2 days. We fenced all day Sunday I know but it had to be done and he had a Dr app. on Monday so we fenced. Thank GOD on the back side which is straight down the side on the mountain there was only one tree down and it was a small one I hope to have pitchers soon. I have keep forgetting to take my camera with me so soon I hope my mind is not what it was and that was not good then. Got a lot done to day let the chickens out and they loved it. Lixie is ok and it will be soon so say some prayers for her and me. Got to go now and get some things done.
Have a good one and be safe. Beck


  1. Yeah that is very painful...I have a touch of it from working in the florist for so many years...look forward to your pictures Beck...take care

  2. I hope it is easily resolved and he gets some releif. I'm sure it is a constant hassle for him in everything he does.

  3. Hi Becky !
    I finally had some time to drop in and check out your blog,I enjoyed my visit very much!
    I hope the Dr's can help Hubby,that can be a very painful...
    I too, am looking forward to more pictures :0)
    Have a great day,till next time!