Saturday, March 6, 2010

Am I nuts

Ok some times I think I am nuts. Ok I know that I am a true hick I love to just sit and watch my chickens , cat, cows and Lexie. I do not like to get all decked up and go out. I just love to be in my blue jeans and Tshirt. I am just sitting here and thinking how thankful I am for all that I have, I have a loving husband my mom and dad are still with me and I do not want for anything. Here is the nuts part I just feel alone some times even when I am with the ones I love I still feel I just do not belong. Now that DH is working the 2ed shift I am home alone a lot more and I just do not think that I am ok. I know that every one goes through thing at times, and I know that this is just one of them times so I hope it will just go away and I will be back to my nutty self.


Here is a pitcher of my therapist

she is cheap one can of tuna and she will let me talk all I want and all she wants is little pet :)


  1. you are just fine and very normal! and i do the same thing...but remember we came into the world alone so i guess it is normal to feel that way too. i love our farm as well and had such a peaceful time watching the birds and deer and turkeys the other day. i think you are a step above several folks for sure! being happy with what you have is so much better than what some are feeling...

  2. We are all like that at times..and you are a wonderful person..I have got to know you through your blog and you are just like the rest of us...and the being alone thing..I feel that all the time and feel I should be in another time or something is out there waiting on is nutty but I like my nutty self..and you should like yourself to...luv you Beck!!!!

  3. I do not know who posted the last comment I can not read it. It just comes up boxies so I am sorry Beck

  4. The therapist is cute, I think I need to get one it would be cheaper. Girl I am with you their is nothing like sitting back in the country and enjoying your animals I love doing, and you wouldnt catch me in anything else but t-shirt and jeans thats my best of life.Keep up the good work.