Sunday, December 27, 2009

A New Year comes

A new year comes and with that we all have grate hopes of things we wish to do in this new year!!!! I have a list and I am sure all of you do to here is mine

1 I want to go to church more and get closer to God
2 I wish that I could be a better mom
3 I wish to be a better daughter
4 I wish to be a better wife
5 I want to do more for those that I love
6 I hope to help more people
7 I want to do more around the house(need to work on the house ( ok like to))
8 I want to lose some of this weight
9 I want to pay off a lot of thing and not to go back in debt
10 I want to put more money in the bank ( and note this after do more thing around the house )
11 I hope to be a better person all around

K here is my list I am going to keep up with the things I need to keep up with and get better organise ( I am praying a lot about this one I need to do this better) I am a bit of a you need to keep this when I could just put it in the trash .

I hope that everyone had a very good Christmas I hope that you got to see all of the family,and did not get stuck in any of the snow that has been flying around.
Have a good New year