Saturday, December 12, 2009

Early Christmas

Look what I got for Christmas and did not know that I was getting it. We took off the bull in April and did not think that any of our girls was going to have a baby and look what we found when we went to feed today
I think it is a boy but mom did not let me get to close to him and no that is not mom that is Lexie and look at her belly I hope there is a baby in there and she playing mom or (momaw) HeeHee she thinks she is a cow anyway.
I hope that everyone is getting ready for Christmas I have done some thing but still need to do so much more I am feeling some better and the new baby helped still getting use to the new schedule and getting to work three day a week, Hope to talk to you all again before Christmas if not have Good Christmas and stay safe.

1 comment:

  1. What a cutie pie and such a nice surprise. Can you find him beneath your 24 inches of snow? I hope he didn't get drifted over. That tends to happen a lot out here, and its so sad!