Friday, October 16, 2009


DH goes to day to talk to the man as he said about a new job thank you all for praying and keep praying if it is God will he will get the job in not that will be ok. I think that I have fixed the computer( HA HA are they ever fixed) so I will be back blogging.
It is starting to get a little chilly here but that is ok I love this time of year no bees (YA) I love snow to ( I know that most people do not like snow) I think of it as God way of letting everything take a nap and the snow is a blanket he puts over the earth to let it sleep. Ya I know that I see things in a little bit of a different way but that is ok.
I hope that every one have a good weekend and stay safe and warm and for those who have snow wish I was with you. I will be posting pitchers soon I hope that this old computer is going to be ok I miss all of you let me know how the weather is where you are. Bye for now keep us in you prayers all of you are in mine

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  1. Praying for the Lord's will in your Dh's job situation.

    We had a preview of winter last week, we got down to 15F one evening and then it was in the 18-20F the rest of the evenings. We had a total( approx.) of 6-8" but it was melting as it fell because the ground was not yet frozen, so it's a guess. I don't mind snow either, I just don't drive on bad roads but I will tell you I don't like the bitter sub zero temps. then add in the windchills and I get real grumpy!*wink*

    Have a productive and blessed weekend,