Saturday, October 17, 2009

DH goes for fiscal

DH goes for a fiscal on Tuesday for the new job!!! I hope that every thing goes well. Thank all of you for praying and thank GOD for is love. I am still trying to get the computer going.
DH is gone fishing today so I am going to go and get the winter things out and get them ready it is only going to be in the 30 today I hope to get some snow and like Kelle I like snow and I do not mind driving in it to. I love going down and feeding the cows and Lex I hope she has a little one to take care of but we are still hoping hope to get the pitchers up loaded soon .
Have a good weekend stay safe and warm

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  1. I hope all goes well for your hubby and the job..

    It is pretty cold here today to,got a nice warm fire going in the woodburner,and I like the snow to...take care and you have a good weekend to..