Friday, October 23, 2009

DH had fiscal

Poor DH he had a full fiscal the last one he had was in high school ( about 26 years). He did not like it one bit they check everything. So now we wait again on the phone call from the man.
I have been in school and it is almost over about two more weeks and I will be out and done for a month or two we will have to have updates when the IRS post the updates, then I will be back to work in January so nee to get everything done for winter.
Still working on the computer ( still checking on everyone when I can) so I have got to go for now talk to you all later.
Hope everyone has a good and safe weekend

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  1. I hope DH fiscal results are fine...hope you have a good break from school...the holidays coming up and you with no school sounds like a plan to me...