Monday, June 22, 2009

Today is my first day trying to blog I hope I have something that you want to see and read. I live in Va in a small town. My DH and me live on small farm with 5 cows 2 horses 22 chickens 1 cat and 2 dogs and any other animals that may come my way. We have been trying to cut hay for the past couple of weeks and we have had rain 24 days out of the past 30. Thank God we have not had any flooding. Just too wet to cut hay. We hope to try to cut some this week.I will not get to help I had a little OOPS an Friday me and my little blue shoes that I love DH hates had a little problem on the hill and now I am laid up with a sprain. So I hope if I am a good girl (HA HA) I will get to help.
I need to be in my garden I have 42 tomatoes plants, 36 peppers plants, 3 aces of fled corn for the cows and horses. 2 aces of sweet corn ,beans squash,and cucumbers. I love to can and I will post my recipes when I get canning.
We was going to pick bearers this week. I will not get to pick this week. I hope my ankle in better by this weekend.
Got to go now time to make lunch to day will be just a cheese sandwich.

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