Saturday, June 27, 2009

Relay for Life

I have been helping a good Friend on her Relay for Life at the SWCC collage today. I have been making apple pies

This what they looked like after they have been fried I was hoping to make 100 but I did not have all the apples caned that I needed so I had 88.I started with the biscuit dough

then I rolled out the dough and add the apples

Then I a fold over the dough and seal the edge

then I would fry them until they got brown then I would let them cool. We took them all over to the collage and they will be there all night. I hope they do good I did not get to stay but I helped where I could.
My Mom called and wanted to know if I wanted some raspberry's my uncle picked 5 gal and said I could have a gal if I wanted them so next post I will show you them.

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