Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Trying to keep busy!!!

I have been trying to keep


I have benign canning and putting

thing up for the winter...

we had good corn this year

My Dad did we can not grow corn here

the deer get fat on my garden

so my Dad grows some for me..

I cut it off the cob

then I cook it at a boil

for 10 min.

Let it cool then I put it

in bags and frieze it.

I have been trying to

post this for weeks my good old


is being it's old self and not letting me post.

I have been reading all of my blogs and

have found some news ones..

We have had a good year Dh has worked

all year and we are thankful for that..

I have had my ups and

downs ( lots of downs).

Thank all of you

that have had me in you're


for all of you are in


Stay safe and have a good weekend.

GOD bless..

1 comment:

  1. I am so sorry you are having lots of downs. I hope the balance will tip and you'll get more ups.
    Computers!! We have become so dependant on them that I think the whole world would grind to a halt if they all suddenly disappeared. Can you imagine it? I saw a sign on an office wall once that read "To ere is human, but to really stuff up you need a computer." Every time I feel like putting an axe through mine I remember this and it makes me giggle.