Sunday, September 19, 2010


I am sorry for not posting in a while it has been a wild year, and a good one to.
DH has got to work good to good some times he is on a six on and three off.
We have ( most of the time it is me ) get use to his new work time.
I am trying to get things going and have been all year and it has just went by and I am still standing in the same spot.
I know that I am not the only one that feels this way but some times it is like I am the only one in this time loop.
We have got a lot done and still have a lot to do.
We have go up all the hay we need I pray that we do anyway.
I am still not feeling right have been to the Dr on and off all year and they still can not find anything that is good butwhat is making me so sick (not to go in to detail )ever time I eat I need to be near a bathroomand will need to near one for sometime,
Then there is my feet the are giving me a hard time they hurt me all the time.
Sometimes I just want to sit and cry but that will not do me any good so I they to be a big girl
Ha Ha
K that is all of my whining!!!
My little man (Storm) is getting so big
he has stooped kicking and only wants to bit every now and then,
his will let me pick up and check his hoofs.
he is leading very good he likes to play the the bull they are so much fun to watch.
I have been reading all of the blogs and love to see what everyone els is up to
that everyone is having a grate fall
and a safe one
.talk to everyone soon
keep me in your prayers
as you all are in

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