Friday, September 24, 2010

NUTS !!!

I know that I am
now my computer is going with me
I have been having
little things go
when I did my last post it did not post on my computer
so I went in and riposted it post
so now it is on were
so u see it is not only me it is the computer
(OK I can blame it on the computer)
My little girl will be 22 on Sept. 29
I told here that she was getting as old as me
Ha Ha
she gets mad when we are out and people think we are friend's
I was 21 when I had her we all look younger
my mom is 62 and she looks like she is in her 40s
I told her that when she gets older she will like that but for know
she does not think it is so good
the trees are starting to turn color here I will try to take some pitchers
if the computer will let me up load them .
The temp here is still in the upper 80s
and it only getting in the 60s at night
I like the cooler weather but the bees are out
and I try to stay in as much as I can for know
It will 5years in Feb. and my shots will be over
I will have a new test in 2 weeks to see how I would do if I got
I think I would do good now
but it was a long road to get to here
lets go and see what I can
get done
Hope everyone
has a good weekend and
safe one

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