Sunday, June 20, 2010

Where does the time go????

Where does all the time go, I have no time to do things or it does not feel like it. I have been getting up at 2am when DH come home and sitting and talking to him until 4am. Then we go back to bed then I am back up at 5 to 6 am. Oh I go to bed about 9 to 10 pm. so when I get back up at 5am I get some house work done but i have to do it quiet and I do not do the well!!! So I sit, I go out side and do some things but the doges go nuts so I try not to do that much, so I sit I let DH sleep to about 10 to 11 if I go in to get him up and he's not ready to get up I will let him sleep to 12:30. Then he gets up and eats sits and talks some then he goes to work at 2pm then I get in to the work that I did not get done this morning, K now the problem I am a morning person so I sit here. I need to kick my self and get up off my big but and get things done.

I hope that everyone has a good week
be safe

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