Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Big yellow thing in the sky

We have had a big bright yellow thing in the sky for two count them two days. Ok I know what it is but come on it has been a long time. I have got to let the chickens out and that took some doing they did not want to come out in the snow I had to bribe them to get them out, but once they got out they had a good time.
I wish that DH had the past two days off but he had to work I am still getting the new schedule worked out I am home from 2pm until 2:30am so I am doing some of the house work in the morning before DH gets up then I do the loud thing as DH says after he goes to work soon I will be outside working in the mornings.
I am cooking about 10 to 11 am to day we stuffed cabbage rolls one of DH favorite he will eat about anything I am the picky one. I hope to start getting things back the way I want around the house soon I hope.
I hope to get some new pitchers up soon. This computer is having bugs and I want to take it to the Dr but I do not know who to take it to my sis had hers worked on and I do not thin she was to happy with hers so I will have to do some homework on that .
Until next time have a good one and be safe

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