Wednesday, February 17, 2010

2010 is some kind of Year ?????

2010 has been some kind of year so far, let me go back to my last post the wind was bad I did think ( that was not good to think) it could get any worst than that wrong on 2-05-2010 it did we had trees down ever where, we have about 10 to 20 oak and other trees down on the mountain and cedars about 20 of them are down and it took out the fence with it. We will be putting up new fence when the snow stops it has snowed for the past two weeks. It will snow for days and then the wind will blow and blow it off the top of the mountain then it will snow it all back.
On top of all of that I have had the BUG going around and could not get rid of it ( on the bright side it is a good way to loose some weight) I was sick for about two weeks bad , and now I just do not want to eat. That is hard to believe me not eating!!!
Then my Granny Goldie died and we have been trying to get through that. She was 94, can you think of all that she had seen in her life, from the model T, to computers and everything els. She will be missed bad.
Oh ya and I quit work now I can get back to working on my little home and taking care of DH and all of my babies.
So far 2010 has been some kind of Year, what kind I am still think on that!!!

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  1. Oh, you have had a tough start to this year! Sorry to hear about your Granny, I'm sure she will be missed. I hope you start feeling better soon too. Here's to hoping the rest of the year is the best that you have ever had!!!!!