Monday, July 6, 2009


Yes we got to put some hay about 290 bails. We have a bout 400 more to go to have what we need. My dad came over and helped out on some of the hay. We put it up Friday an Saturday

This is the baler we are using. This is the baler we are using it belongs to Mr West that we are leasing the far off of. He is something he is 89 and can sit and tell you of thighs that went on when he was 5. I cant think of what I did last week. back to the hay.

This is my Dad and Mr West they got to talk about things while we worked on the baler. It had to take a brake and had to have a new blot put in somewhere I just drive the truck and stack the hay in the barn.

Here is where we put some of the hay. I will need to put some in the other barn where Levi is.I will take more pitchers when we put up more hay.
I hope ever one had a good and sake 4 .

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